Xlyan Plus offers a wide range of one-,two-,and three-coat conventional nonsticks.
These coatings offer a wide variety of per formance levels at cost-effective prices.
Xlyan Plus coatings are perfect for virtually all applications,including cookware,
bakeware and kichen electrics.

Application method
  £²coat or £³coat System
  Non stick£º¡Ú¡Ú¡Ú¡Ú
Color£ºBlack Metalic
Max Heat-Treatment temperature£º400¡É~438¡É£¨5~8min£©
Min Heat-Treatment temperature£º 400¡É (5min)
Water-based /Oil-based £º¡¡Water based
Recommedation Film Tickness :Primer12.5~17.5§­, Mid10~12.5§­,Top12.5~17.5§­




QuanTanium contains a unique mix of titanium particles blended in for unusual durability.
QuanTanium's multilayer internal reinforce ment of titanium creates resistance to scratching,
abrasion and wear that will stand up to almost anything.QuanTanium's nonstick system has been
formulated to create maximum synergy with the titanium,resulting in outstanding resistance to
wear with unparalleled release.

Application method

  Non stick£º¡Ú¡Ú¡Ú¡Ú
Abrasion resistance£º¡Ú¡Ú¡Ú
Color£ºGunmetal Metallic
Max Heat-Treatment Temperature£º 436¡É/ 5min
Min Heat-Treatment Temperature£º 427¡É /8min
Water-based /Oil-based£ºWater-based
Recommedation Film tickness £ºPrimer10~15§­, Mid10~12.5§­, Top10~15§­




The primer contains a unique combination of resins and unusually hard materials.
Tests show Eclipse outlasts conventional coatings by a fator of 10.the reason:a unique primer
reinforced with a high percentage of materials virtually as hard as diamonds.The mid coat also
contains the reinforcing,leaving the topcoat dedicated entirely to "release". Eclipse is deal for
all substrates,particularly aluminium, from smooth to grit-blasted to hard-anodized.

Application method
  Non stick£º¡Ú¡Ú¡Ú¡Ú
Abrasion resistance £º¡Ú¡Ú¡Ú¡Ú¡Ú
Color£ºBlack Metalic
Max Heat-Treatment Temperature £º 440¡É/ 5min
Min Heat-Treatment Temperature£º 427¡É/ 5min
Recommedation Film Tickness £ºPrimer£º17~25§­,Mid£º5~10§­,Top£º15~30§­

Also Available Coating Material

Diamond Coating Ceramic Coating

More and more abrasion -resistant
cooking surface.

Does not harm human body
An excellent thermal conductivity
A powerful non-shick coating
An excellent monovalence
A very strong five layered coating



A powerful non-Stick
Absolutely safer coating without PTFE,PFOA
Manufactured in Korea and Ceramic coating
material is also produced in Korea
Safe with metallic coating utensils
Easy to Clean

Surface Slip Layer